The Search for a Better Meeting App Leads to a Unified Cloud Communications Solution

Meetings-driven company was unhappy with its online meeting app.
Search for a more robust meeting solution leads to unified communications.
Unifying phone, meetings, messaging, and fax cut costs and boosts productivity.
Company profile
Company profile:
Marketing communications firm W2O understands that helping its clients build strong advantages requires just the right mix of creativity and data. That’s why W2O has put an equal amount of effort into building a top-tier analyst team as it has in developing its creative staff. The result is a global agency network with 13 offices worldwide and many industry-leading brands on its client roster.
Year founded:
650 employees
San Francisco, CA

Founded as a small PR firm for healthcare companies in San Francisco, W2O has grown into an award-winning global agency network that offers a full suite of marketing services—analytics, strategy, creative, and engagement—through its five subsidiary agencies.

Serving the marketing needs for the healthcare industry from pharmaceuticals to provider and professional associations requires 

a lot of collaboration with customers and among W2O’s worldwide staff. So, when W2O became dissatisfied with its existing online web meeting solution, the IT team searched for alternatives. That search led to RingCentral Meetings™, which ultimately led the IT team to move all of its communication and collaboration tools (voice, text, team messaging, video, and online meetings) to a single integrated cloud solution. 

The challenge: a complicated, difficult to use, and costly online meeting app

W2O was not initially looking to consolidate its communication and collaboration needs into a single cloud solution. The company’s IT team was simply looking for a better online meeting solution when they discovered RingCentral.

“Online meetings are our primary communication tool, both internally and with clients,” says Jonathan Denize, W2O’s IT Manager. “But our staff was unhappy with our previous meeting solution, for a lot of reasons. For example, employees found it was very complicated to join meetings. Additionally, our staff is on the road often, and because our older meeting solution wasn’t mobile-friendly, this was a real pain point.

The user experience was also complicated, and that often led to difficulty getting meetings started.”

“Even worse,” Denize continues, “it was a significant cost to add every new employee with an additional meeting license. Finally, our senior leadership decided they’d had it. They found RingCentral and basically told us, ‘As of tomorrow, we’re switching to RingCentral Meetings company-wide. Let’s make it happen.’”

The solution: migrating to RingCentral Meetings, which led to a unified solution

“Everyone was much happier when we switched to RingCentral Meetings, because it was such an improvement compared to our old meeting solution,” Denize recalls.

“The big difference is that RingCentral Meetings gives each employee a personal meeting ID, which they can use to set up or join a meeting. That means no more need to share logins. Setting up and joining online meetings is now easier for our team than ever. Our employees all over the world, especially those who travel often, tell us they love this new click-to-join capability.”

“Another huge advantage of RingCentral Meetings is how easy the screen share feature is to use,” Denize explains. “With our previous app, it was difficult to turn off all email, text, and app alerts to make sure they didn’t pop up while you were sharing your screen. That led to some embarrassing moments in client meetings. But with RingCentral Meetings, we can easily hide all alerts on a presenter’s screen.”

W2O’s staff, IT team, and executives were all so happy with RingCentral Meetings that the company moved the rest of its communication needs, including PBX, team messaging, and collaboration, to the RingCentral Office® unified solution.

“Moving to the RingCentral Office solution has been great for our business,” says Denize. “We have a lot of remote workers around

the world, and they really appreciate that they can now use just one business number that will work wherever they are, whatever device they’re using, and they never have to give out their personal cell or home phone numbers.”

“What’s also great is that this single business number lets our employees manage any type of communication, not just a phone call. If you want to send someone on our team an SMS text message, you can use their business number. If you want to send them an electronic fax—which happens more than you’d think—you can use that same business number. Additionally, the RingCentral app provides all the integrated communication services from a single unified interface; this makes it extremely convenient for our users.”

“Our employees love using the built-in team messaging functionality from the RingCentral app,” Denize explains. “They tell us how easy it is to invite even outside guests who can join for free and immediately start messaging. They also love how easy it is to add comments as well as files and links to a conversation’s Shelf with the Pin feature. And they love the GIF library, which let teams add some fun to their conversations.”

The benefits: cost savings and a measurable boost in team productivity

“We turned to RingCentral to make our online meetings easier and more affordable,” Denize concludes, “but we discovered a lot of benefits from

the unified solution that puts online meetings, phone service, online fax, and team messaging into a connected user experience.”

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