What’s the Difference between Cloud Communications and UCaaS
Cloud Communications vs UCaaS: What’s the Difference?
The modern workplace is constantly changing. Today’s workers use their computers and smartphones to communicate in many ways, such as messaging, video, voice, and emails. The challenge is that, with so many different platforms, communication often gets diluted. People need to collaborate across devices, locations, and accounts. That’s why cloud communications are important. All the […]
Retail Survey Says That Communication Issues Drive Shopper Frustration
Retail Survey: Communication Issues Drive Shopper Frustration
COVID-19 has had a profound impact on the retail industry worldwide. During the pandemic in Australia, retailers of essential products such as supermarkets have had to deal with panic buying, supply issues and buying limits for shoppers. At the same time, other retailers have either had to close their doors completely or operate with restricted […]
Office Work Is Simply Unsustainable
Office Work Is Simply Unsustainable. Here’s Why.
Sydney experienced major socioeconomic changes when COVID-19 struck. Traffic dropped by 50% when the stay-at-home orders were first enforced. Rent prices also dropped by up to 8.8% when the pandemic arrived—one of the most precipitous plummets ever in the local housing market. Other major metropolitan areas like Melbourne and Brisbane saw the same trends. What […]